“Willkommen!” Welcome to Norwood Young America, the town that knows how to celebrate!

Our community holds the great distinction of hosting Stiftungsfest (which means Founder’s Day), the oldest town festival in Minnesota. Since the first Stiftungsfest festival began in 1861 with the Pioneer Maennerchor (men’s choir) of Young America, our community has come together with family, friends, neighbors and visitors from around the great state of Minnesota and beyond, to listen to wonderful music, sing and dance, eat and drink, and participate in a variety of events throughout the community. Please bring family and friends to join us in the festivities the last full weekend of August each year.

The City of Norwood Young America is very blessed with many fine people willing to serve their community. Several church congregations serve the residents of Norwood Young America in faith and compassion. There are service clubs and veterans’ organizations that are committed to support and serve the community in many capacities that bring our residents together. Our fine firefighters and first responders are an all-volunteer force that brings great courage, honor and professionalism to critically important city services.

The city is also very grateful to the local businesses that continue to invest in and support the community with their time, talents and skills in order to provide a variety of products, services and employment in Norwood Young America.

Norwood Young America has many wonderful amenities, including: several parks and trails surrounding three natural lakes, a community pool, a skate park, a new library, hockey rinks, tennis courts, ball fields, two town baseball teams and a recently established history center. Norwood Young America also offers a variety of educational choices including public, private and homeschooling.

Norwood Young America is located at the crossroads of Minnesota State Highways 212 and 5, just 25 minutes west of the metro area. Considering all we have to offer, Norwood Young America is a great place to work, live, and raise a family!


Mayor Tina Diedrick