The Norwood Young America Comprehensive Plan addresses the topics of land use, housing, transportation, parks and more. This document helps shape how the community will grow and change over the next 20 years. Every city and county (including Carver County) in the metropolitan area is required by State law to update their comprehensive plan every 10 years. The current Norwood Young America Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2008. The comprehensive plan provides guidance to elected officials, City staff, developers, and other community stakeholders to ensure progress towards a common vision. The City of Norwood Young America consults the plan when:

• A developer proposes a new housing subdivision.
• Rebuilding a street or constructing a sidewalk/trail.
• Maintaining and investing in our park system.
• Designing programs and strategies for housing and business growth.

We’ve launched an online tool to gain public input. The tool asks participants to identify and describe their biggest priority (i.e. housing, transportation, etc.) for the future of Norwood Young America. The tool can be accessed at the following link: NYA 2018 COMP PLAN

2018 Comprehensive Plan