It is that time of year, time to gear up for the gardening season! The City of Norwood Young America has garden plots available for lease.  We require a $25.00 deposit check plus a $10.00 (per plot) watering check payable to the City of NYA.

Annual lease agreement
Map of community gardens

The community gardens could not have been possible without the help of the Central High School building construction class that built 16 of the 24 gardens along with the garden shed on the site. Funding for the building material was acquired through a SHIP (Statewide Health Improvement Program) grant. The Lions and West Carver Lions also donated 8 fruit trees and 2 shade trees to plant at the site.

If you are interested in a garden plot or have any questions please feel free to contact Alicia Menzel at or 952-467-1800.

Community Garden Plots Now Available!