A listing of commonly requested phone numbers

Telephone: Century Link (952) 556-5679 www.centurylink.com
                         Frontier Communications 1-877-731-9471 https://frontier.com/shop/phone/digital-voice

Cable: MediaCom (800) 332-0245 www.mediacomcable.com/
               Jaguar Communications www.jagcom.net

Electricity: Xcel Energy (800) 895-4999 www.xcelenergy.com

Natural Gas: Center Pointe(800) 245-2377 www.centerpointenergy.com
                            Power outage (800) 332-7143

Garbage: Randy’s Environmental Service (763) 972-3335 www.RandysSanitation.com
Waste Management (800) 450-9378 www.wm.com

Water & Sewer: NYA Utilities (952) 467-1800

NYA Chamber of Commerce: (952) 467-4003

Gopher State One Call: (800) 252-1166 or (651) 454-0002 www.gopherstateonecall.org

Can I blow my grass clippings into the street?

Please refrain from blowing grass clippings into the public street. These clippings can severely harm the performance of our stormwater management system.

Does my dog or cat need a license?

Pet owners are required to renew animal licenses annually. In order to renew a license, pet owners must have proof that the animal has received all of the necessary shots. Cats and dogs must be at least 6 months old before a license will be issued. A fee of $5.00 will be assessed for all pets. Any owner whose pet is caught without a license, will be fined the following:

$50.00 Pick-up charge

$50.00 Unlicensed fee

$5.00 Animal License fee

Animal Running at large fee (depending on number of offenses).

Impound Expenses based on Vet fees.

May I empty my sump pump in the City Sanitary Sewer?

No, it will force the Wastewater Treatment Plant to be over capacity. This is especially possible during the spring and summer months.

What happens if I do not pay my water bill?

There is a 10% late fee for delinquent water bills. All unpaid bills will be certified to the County Auditor and will be assessed on your property taxes.

Where is Norwood Young America?

Norwood Young America is located 35 minutes west of Minneapolis at the convergence of US Highway 212 and State Highways 5 and 25. It is in the western portion of Carver County.

Where is the City Hall located?

City Hall is located at 310 Elm Street West, within the same building as the library.

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