A Senior Advisory Committee has been established for the purpose of providing senior citizens an opportunity to effectively communicate the social, economic, recreational, cultural, and personal needs of seniors in the City of Norwood Young America.

The committee is advisory only and will make recommendations to the City Council for the establishment and/or funding of various programs and services needed by the senior population. Additionally, the committee will also promote a public understanding of both the needs and the many contributions made by older citizens. The Committee meets the second Thursday of every month at 9:00 AM alternating locations between The Harbor and Oak Grove Center.

Senior Advisory Committee Members

  • LaVonne Kroells – Chair
  • JR Hoernemann
  • Ray Kraemer
  • Brenda Schmitz
  • Lois Schultz
  • Gladys Pederson
  • Laurie Hilgers
  • Bonita Heilman
  • Carolyn Durbin
  • Tom Simmons
  • Dick Stolz – City Council Representative
  • Jeff Buesing
  • Jennifer Anderson

Senior Advisory Committee Agenda Packets

11-8-2018 Agenda
12-21-2017 Agenda
11-09-2017 Agenda
10-12-2017 Agenda
9-14-2017 Agenda
8-10-2017 Agenda
7-13-2017 Agenda
5-11-2017 Agenda
4-13-2017 Agenda
3-9-2017 Agenda
2-9-2017 Agenda
1-12-2017 Agenda

12-8-2016 Packet

11-10-2016 Packet
10-13-2016 Packet
9-8-2016 Packet
8-18-16 Packet

7-14-16 Packet
6-9-16 Packet
5-12-2016 Packet

4-14-2016 Packet
3-10-2016 Packet
2-11-2016 Packet

1-14-2016 Packet