The City of Norwood Young America requires licensing of all residential dwellings utilized for rental purposes. A rental dwelling is defined as “a building wholly or partly used or intended to be used for living, sleeping, cooking or eating purposes by human occupants; not including hotels and motels, rest homes, convalescent homes or nursing homes.”

Rental License Period
A rental license is valid for only the three-year licensing period, or portion thereof, in which it is issued unless otherwise stated in City Code. Upon expiration of that license it will be necessary to relicense the property in order to continue to utilize it as a rental dwelling.

Rental License Regulations
Section 350 of the Norwood Young America City Code regulates rental properties. A full copy of the rental licensing requirements can be obtained by clicking below:

Section 350 – Rental Housing Licensing

Rental License Forms
To obtain a Rental License, please download and submit the “Rental License Application” below, along with the required application fee and tenant contact information, to City Hall, 310 Elm St. W. or P.O. Box 59 NYA, MN 55368. Once you have submitted the application and fee, please call the City’s Building Official, Metro West Inspections, at 763-479-1720 to schedule a rental inspection of your property.

Upon successful completion of the rental inspection a license will be mailed to the owner’s address listed on the application. The license fee paid at the time of application covers up to TWO inspections on the property. Any inspections beyond that are charged at $45.00/inspection.

Questions regarding licensing requirements can be directed to Alicia Menzel at 952-467-1800 or

Rental Dwelling Application

Tenant Contact Form