The Community Development Department oversees current and future land use decisions for the City. The Comprehensive Plan provides the framework for such development and ensures that future growth within the community will meet City goals and objectives. Staff members handle subdivisions, conditional use permits, variances, lot splits, zoning amendments, and site plan review. If you need an application please contact the City at (952) 467-1800.

If you are interested in viewing a copy of the City’s Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance or Comprehensive Plan, these documents may be found under “City Code” and “Comprehensive Plan” under the City Government Section above.

Zoning Districts

  • T/A- Transition/Agriculture
  • R-1- Low Density Single Family Residential
  • R-2- Medium Density Single Family Residential
  • R-3- Medium Denisty Mixed Residential
  • R-4- Multiple Family Residential
  • RC-1- Residential/Neighborhood Commercial District
  • C-2- General Commercial District
  • C-3- Downtown Districts
  • B-1- Business Industrial District
  • I-1- Light Industrial
  • P-1- Parks/Open Space
  • PUD District