Preserve 1997

The City has continually grown since early 2000. We currently have three active developments: The Preserve which is located on the east side of town, The Meadows which is just south of The Preserve, and Brand Lake Highlands which is on the west side of town. All three of the developments are located along a lake; you are bound to have amazing views and peaceful living.

Preserve 2013

The Preserve started in 2002 and consists of four separate additions with a total of 222 lots, of those lots 118 are single family and 104 are twin/townhome lots. There are still a few vacant lots in The Preserve.

The Meadows started in 2005 and this development consist of 24 single family lots; of which six are built on.

Brand Lake 1991

The  Brand Lake development also consisted of multiple additions; the final phase being Brand Lake Highlands. Brand Lake Highlands consists of 26 single family lots; of which ten are built on. The other lots are currently available for purchase.

Brand Lake 2013