The Community Development Department, along with the Carver County Community Service Department, is responsible for enforcement of nuisance code violations. The City Code has provisions for animal nuisances, and those nuisances associated with blighted areas: junk, trash, rubbish, and refuse; littering and failure to remove yard wastes; junk vehicles; weeds, vegetation, and other substances.

To see a copy of the code language regulating nuisance violations, please click on the following “City Code” Chapters:

Chapter 5 – Animals

Chapter 6 – Nuisances

Chapter 7 – Traffic and Vehicles

Complaints regarding animals, including but not limited to habitually barking dogs, animals running at large and neglect concerns should be referred directly to the Carver County Sheriff’s Department at (952) 361-1231. All other nuisance complaints can be reported to City Hall in person or by filling out the attached complaint form and faxing it to (952) 467-1818 or e-mailing it to Kelly Hayes at By law, all complainant information is kept strictly confidential.

Nuisance Complaint Form

Abatement Flow Chart (Provides an overview of the abatement procedures)