The City of Norwood Young America is a growing semi-rural small town community located on the fringe of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Approximately 35 miles west of Minneapolis, the City of Norwood Young America is situated in western Carver County. It is centrally located on Highway 212 and Highway 5. The area has seen steady population growth, with an estimated 3,626 residents, which will only continue to grow in the years to come.

This rural community can be characterized by its German heritage, which it continues to proudly celebrate. The original settlement of both villages, Young America and Norwood, was by German immigrants who brought their traditions and customs to the rural landscape of what is now Carver County. It is this German heritage, which is celebrated each year at Minnesota’s oldest festival, Stiftungsfest. Stiftungsfest is celebrated on the last weekend in August.

As the population of the region has grown, so has the variety of industries, services, and businesses located in the area. Today, and into the future, Norwood Young America is a prime location for new business and industry, with it’s close proximity to a wide variety of transportation routes. Businesses such as: Lano’s Equipment, Hydro Engineering and Manufacturing, Lakeview Clinic, Yeager Machine, Vickerman, Waconia Manufacturing, and Kwik Trip have all capitalized off of the City’s unique location.

Though situated in a rural setting, the proximity of Norwood Young America to the Twin Cities’ suburbs has transformed the community into a growing extended suburban locale. People come to Norwood Young America because it is a community that maintains a rural character, yet is close enough to the services, employment opportunities, and recreational activities that are provided in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area.

Norwood Young America takes pride in the community that it has established over the years and looks forward to welcoming new residents and businesses into it’s growing community. Just as the tagline states: Norwood Young America – more than a place, it’s home.

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